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2017 Awards Eligibility

The end of 2017 is drawing to a close and I’ve noticed a lot of authors posting awards eligibility posts. In my seven years as a published author, I have never written an eligibility post, most likely because when I was a debut author and garnered a modicum of attention, I didn’t need to. But as the years have worn on (publishing years are like dog years, but maybe without the constant beatific joy of being a dog) I’ve realized I could do a better job letting people know about my work and what might qualify for awards.

INFERNAL MACHINES – Gollancz/HachetteNovel, fantasy – buy it here

The last book in my Incorruptibles series. Very proud of my work there. Of the ten or fifteen of you that read it, thank you and please consider it during awards nomination time.

“The Children of Yig” – Swords v. Cthulhuedited by Molly Tanzer and Jesse Bullington
Short Story, horror/fantasy – buy it here

A mean-ass viking warrior woman meets a snake god. Things do not go well for anyone involved.

LuminariaApex Magazine, edited by Jason Sizemore
Novelette, horror/fantasy – click here to read online

Supernatural creatures and southern Gothic. The amazing cover art is by Jeffrey Alan Love.

“The Domestic Lives of Superheroes” – Playboy Magazine
Short story, sf/fantasy – click here to read online

Okay, I’m thinking not a lot of folks read this one, partially because it was the first issue of Playboy with nudity back in for more than a year, and partially because people don’t want to patronize a magazine that contributes to the objectification of women. I can understand that. I am still very proud of my work in this story. When I was writing it, I really felt like I found a style that was becoming my own – literate and intimate – even though I was channeling John Updike.

“Single, Singularity” – Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling, edited by Jaym Gates and Monica Valentinelli Short story, sf/horror – buy it here

I had been thinking of this story, especially the beginning, for many years. My take on the geek rapture. It’s up in the air if I successfully inverted the trope, but I gave it a good college try.

Thanks for checking out the post. There are so many worthy pieces of fiction out there, I’m sure you’ll find something great to recommend and vote for.

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