A Conversation with S.G. Browne

Today I chat with S.G. Browne, author of Breathers, Fated, Shooting Monkeys in a Barrel, and his newly released novel, Lucky BastardWe gab for a good long while about everything from cycling, to writing, cats and dogs, San Francisco, Arkansas, our college years, his books, my books, paradise lost (and found), publishing, t-shirts, more writing jibber-jabber, and beaucoup other subjects as our convo caromed around the interwebs. It clocks in at 1:15. So block out some time, sit back, and prepare to feast upon our beautiful mouth-noises.

Scott is a gracious man – possessed of a Zen-like ascendant calm in the face of my idiocy. Plus, he’s an incredible novelist and storyteller. And very easy on the eyes, ladies. Did someone say, single? Not I.




Back in 2008, I attended my first convention. I had a brand spankin’ new manuscript of my first book – Southern Gods – in my sweaty palms and I was just discovering the new world of publishing. I’d long been an avid reader but not a student of publishing. I was getting a crash course.

One of the first people I met was Scott Browne.

As a newbie (yes this was in 2008. However, I’ve been called a newbie in the last couple of months), I didn’t understand the catty, snarky currents that laced every conversation of the horror community. Which is why I glommed onto Scott. While horror is a wonderful genre and I truly love it, there are some aspects of auctorial life – mostly involving ego – that I’d rather forego. Not because I’m above that shit. No. Because I’m prone to it.

Scott was, by being totally unlike me, more like me, if that makes any sense.

At this point, he had sold Breathers to a major publisher and had numerous other books in the pipeline. He totally slayed at the Gross-Out contest and was robbed out of first place, probably due to the notable lack of feces and corprophagy in his reading. Despite those egregious omissions, it still had me rolling. And if I can dig up the video I took of the event, you can witness for yourself.


Make furious clicking upon these book covers and then follow the links at the bottom of the pages to snatch up a copy at your preferred purveyor of fine literature. Or get your ass in gear and buy one from your locally owned bookstore.


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