Another 35 Horror Books That Should Be Adapted Into Movies Before Another King Adaptation

The title of this post should be Thirty-Five More Books That Should Be Made Into A Movie Before Another Stephen King Adaption Even Though All Of Us Are Indebted To Him And He Really Is Just The Cat’s Pyjamas, Srivenor Optimus Maximus, and Okay We’re Excited for Castle Rock Season Two Even Though The First Season Had Issues.

This list, of course, follows my previous list of 100 and excludes authors and books that have had movies made from them, or have been optioned, or have films in the pipeline. I’m sure there are a bajillion more I could list. But I think you get the idea.



  1. High Lonesome Sound – Jaye Wells
  2. Broken Shells – Michael Patrick Hicks
  3. Red Sky Blues – Matthew Davis
  4. The Panama Laugh – Thomas Roche
  5. Neverland – Doug Clegg
  6. The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit – Graham Joyce
  7. In Silent Graves – Gary Braunbeck
  8. Faerie Tale – Raymond E. Feist
  9. The Jigsaw Man – Gord Rollo
  10. The Hematophages – Stephen Kozeniewski
  11. The Birthing House – Christopher Ransom
  12. Demon – Erik Williams
  13. Anything by Fritz Leiber? Fritz? Anyone?
  14. Bad Brains – Kathe Koja
  15. “Ordo Virtutum” – Wendy Wagner
  16. Bring Her Back – Jeff Strand
  17. Sick House – Jeff Strand
  18. Wolf Hunt – Jeff Strand
  19. The Family Plot – Cherie Priest
  20. Kin – Kealan Patrick Burke
  21. Xombies – Walter Greatshell
  22. The Keeper – Sarah Langan
  23. The Wicked – James Newman
  24. Red Right Hand – Levi Black
  25. Blood and Silver – James R. Tuck
  26. Wetbones – John Shirley
  27. Haunted – Nora Lofts
  28. Haunted – Tamara Thorne
  29. The Halloween Man – Doug Clegg
  30. Infected – Scott Sigler
  31. The Atrocities – Jeremy Shipp
  32. Creature – Hunter Shea
  33. Undertaker’s Moon – Ronald Kelly
  34. Agyar – Steven Brust
  35. Iron House – John Hart


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  • Most of Leiber’s horror work was done in short fiction, but I’d list Our Lady of Darkness and Conjure Wife and would make a case for including The Sinful Ones. (Transparency: I wrote the introduction for the Gregg Press edition.)

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