Armadillo 40 Schedule

Heading down to Austin, Texas, this weekend for the 40th ArmadilloCon. This is one of my favorite conventions. It’s in a great (if congested) town, and there are so many amazing authors from Texas to share their experiences and wisdom. I’m always honored to be included in programming.

Also, the hotel has a great swimming pool. So-so bar, it’s kinda weird, actually. It’s like a oblong pedestal that rises out of the floor and all the booze is removed at night. I like my booze to live in the place its served.
Anyway, the dealer’s room will have copies of all my books, including a rare hardback UK edition of The Incorruptibles. Come down and see me.
If you click any of the hyperlinked stuff below, it’ll take you to the ArmadilloCon 40 website where you can get more information.
Secret Histories – Friday 6pm
Ballroom E

A secret history is a version of historical events that differs from the official record that purports to be the true version. How do writers approach secret history stories? How do readers approach them?

Autographing – Saturday 1pm
Dealers Room, 1pm – 2pm
Track: Fandom
Type: Signing


Writing the Other – Saturday 3pm
Southpark B

Our panelists will talk about how you can build your skill for writing about characters whose gender, sexual orientation, religion, racial heritage, or other aspect of identity differs from your own.What resources are available? What process do they use? What are the potential pitfalls?

Analog As Well As Digital Promotion – Saturday 5pm
Southpark A

Writers and event planners can’t rely only on online promotions. What brick-and-mortar, in-your-face in-person techniques work for connecting with readers and the regional reading and writing communities? And when you use digital, what is most effective?

Intro to the Business End of Writing – Saturday 7pm
Ballroom F

Agents, books deals, rights, contracts… where does a new writer get started? Where do you need to slow down in order not to trip up?

Can’t You Just Google It? Research Techniques for Writers – Sunday 12pm
Ballroom F

What kinds of research do our panelists do when building worlds and stories?

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