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General Wesley Clark Book Trailer

It’s interesting to make a book trailer for a famous person. In this one, my two careers – novelist and visual artist – collided. We took an audio sample of one of Clark’s talks, edited it for coherence, and then I did a kinetic type treatment, deriving the aesthetic from the book cover. Side note: it was fun meeting with Clark and telling him how to track his book sales. He had no idea until then.

ROLES: Art direction, audio design, animation

Blog Post graphic design

New Design Work in Lurzer’s Archive

The work the Cranford brothers and I did for the Museum of Automobiles ended up being featured in the prestigious Lurzer’s Archive, a first for me as art director. In other news, the same campaign won three national Addy Awards. Not a first for me, but still nice.

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Hobbit Poo



hobbit-poos-smI’m inordinately proud of this poster. Made in reference to this poster.