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  • Just finished The Conformity. I’m blown away. What a stunning, moving, brilliant series of books. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Todd, for reading it. I’m glad you went on the whole journey with Shreve, Jack, and in his own way, Vig.

  • Just finished reading Southern Gods. Lived it from cover to cover. Now on to more of your books!

  • John,

    My name is Mark Fearing. I exchanged bits with you via Twitter. I’m just finishing The Incorruptibles and loved it. By far my favorite fantasy book in the past years. Looking forward to reading the rest and your newest horror book as well.

    I am an author and illustrator of young reader and picture books. 23 of them now. I started in advertising years ago, ended up in-house at tech companies that lead to Sony Online as an AD doing gameshows, then UCLA for animation school and long story short I do kids books and animation writing and design now. I just optioned a show to Disney TV and am in the midst of development. I also have a middle grade horror graphic novel (short stories) that just got acquired.

    I wanted to share one of my books with you. If you have an iPad or Mac I’m sending you a free code for an ebook I put out myself. Your comment on your blog is dead on – my work often falls in a similar no man’s land (much to the consternation of my literary agent). I have to work really hard to keep selling in the kids market as my work is too edgy or weird. So I just put bits of my personal work out by myself. This code is for a short graphic novel/story book/comic called The Boy Who Was Swallowed by A Tiger. Maybe you’ll enjoy it in your down time.

    All the best to you.

    BTW. Has The Incorruptibles been optioned for TV development?

    Mark Fearing

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