Election Day and other thoughts

Today is election day and if you know me at all, if you follow me on the social media quantum wavefront waving antennae in the electric mist, you’ll know who I’ll vote for. I don’t really understand the weight of swing states or why folks in Ohio are going to decide my next president. I can’t say I understand the ins and outs of the electoral college voting system other than what Wikipedia tells me. My state will vote Republican because we’ve got oodles of racists, corporate apologists, and beaucoup right-wing nutjobs. This is the South, red as blood. But I can’t understand why any minority or woman would vote Republican. Obviously, there’s a lot I don’t understand.

But I’ve got questions. Why would someone want to become president so much he’d torpedo his own values over and over again? Why would anyone vote for someone as provably inconstant as our Republican candidate? Who the hell would vote for a man to assume an office he’s constantly shown disdain for (one of the few constants in his campaign)? Who the fuck can believe in the debunked trickle-down Republican platform? If trickle-down economics worked, Arkansas wouldn’t be the 48th poorest state in the union, okay? Walmart would see to that, and it hasn’t.

But it’s 4am, I can’t sleep. This moment is indicative of the point I’m at in my life. On the knife’s blade between waking and slumber. The tightrope between subsistence and poverty. My future, right now, is uncertain – return to the humdrum world of a secure dayjob or keep working in uncertainty? Have a corporate axeman as my president, or have a hopeful but hamstrung one? Keep writing dark fiction or move into greener more fantastical pastures? (More on this in the future.) Pants or shorts? Eggs or protein shake?

I’m on the cusp of a great change. I left my dayjob last March to pursue freelance design and my writing career. I saw the release of my first novel from a major publisher, finished the second novel in my young adult series (still waiting on edits), and had other big things happen that I can’t tell you about yet. I know, right? Why do folks always do that? “I have news.” “What is it?” “I can’t tell you.”

Meanwhile, because of the dearth of freelance work here, we’ve considered moving out of my beloved home state for greener pastures. It saddens me, truly, but as much as I love Arkansas (while not being unrealistic about its denizens) it does not love me back, it seems, and a new location might be what the Jacobs family needs to start anew. There are times when I feel like just packing up the fam-damily and taking off. I need to be closer to the action – literary, design, animation, film. I’m on the periphery here, relegated to the margins of the world.

Anywho, it’s now almost 5 and I’ll be able to go vote soon. I hope it does my world some good.

That is all.


  • On behalf of the rest of the world, thanks for voting Dem 😉

    I have an inkling of your situation – but kinda the reverse.
    I spent many years “closer to the action”, but turned my back on it 3 years ago. Where I am now is much more pleasant to live, climate and surroundings-wise, but much less opportunity and much MUCH more ignorance. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking.

    Then I remember the frenetic pace of that other world. The callous indifference, the grey buildings, the shallow people, and I realise I live in a better place, ignorant rednecks (or my South Pacific equivalent) and all.
    Now that I have remote work through my old contacts, there’s no way I’d go back.

    (Big things, eh? Hmmmm…. well done whatever that is ;))

    Yours, Doc, aka Mark

  • Hi John. I stopped by your site to see if there is going to be a sequel for This Dark Earth, but after seeing this post of yours, I HAD to post a comment.
    First off, I AM A WOMAN AND I VOTED REPUBLICAN. Second, I am from Tennessee, and I must say, yes there are racists, etc.here, but they are EVERYWHERE, including the “tolerant” north. Why does no one call the black Americans who do not like white people racist? I have come across MANY of these people in my life, and in my hometown of Knoxville. I do not believe in liking someone just for their skin color, be they black, white, brown, yellow, etc!
    Another note, you really think that the Democratic thinking is the way to go? So what happens when a novel of yours is deemed “intolerable” for whatever reason, and they ban it because it goes against their way of thinking? How will you feel then? Oh wait, it won’t, because you think like they do, so you will not have anything untoward in your books, will you?
    How do you think your industry, the publishing industry, gets its money? How did it get started? Because one of those rich men that you despise backed an idea that he liked, and helped start that publishing company. Believe it or not, I am not rich, I actually got let go from a job I had for almost 10 years, yet I believe in the American Dream, the ability to do anything I want to do with my life.
    I really could go on and on with this subject, but I think you get what I am trying to say, or not. People that think like you only listen to what the mainstream says.
    Either way, I doubt I will buy anymore of your books, no matter how much I liked This Dark Earth. At least until the Establishment tells me that I have to.

    • Hi Lori. Thanks for buying (or checking out from the library) THIS DARK EARTH.

      First off, yes, I can believe you’re from Tennessee. Second, the reason no one calls black Americans who don’t like white people racist is because, well, there’s been a history of persecution of black people in America by white folks. I suggest you Google “lynching in America.” Those heinous and racially charged acts have occurred in living memory. Believe me, that lingers in the black culture’s memory. Also, remember slavery? Come on. Slavery? You seemed to have enjoyed THIS DARK EARTH and slavers were the bad guys. You didn’t get that?

      You said, “Another note, you really think that the Democratic thinking is the way to go? So what happens when a novel of yours is deemed ‘intolerable’ for whatever reason, and they ban it because it goes against their way of thinking? How will you feel then? Oh wait, it won’t, because you think like they do, so you will not have anything untoward in your books, will you?”

      If anything, the Democratic party is a voice of social equality and tolerance. It’s the sad, staid, dying party of baby boomer white men and women – aka the Republican party – with a history of censorship and intolerance. Democrats have their issues, but not the ones you’re accusing them of. Also, there’s no transgression I won’t commit in fiction. I consider that an added value to the reader. (Also, I secretly hope my books get banned. Nothing helps sales like a good banning.)

      Anyway, Lori, I’m glad you like THIS DARK EARTH and I’m sorry to hear you won’t be buying any more of my books.

  • To the lady with her panties in a bunch, I know a lot of people who call blacks who don’t like whites racist – because, past hurts or no, that’s what people who harbor racial prejudice are called … so, I think you just kind of helped Mr. Hornor prove his point. Have a nice day, now.

    Oh, and John, I think the great blue state of Minnesota would be happy to have you, were you to consider freezing your arse off in the winter months. Summers are as hot as anywhere else, lots of trees, people from the southwest think we’re delightfully humid while people from the southeast think we’re delightfully dry. Also, we have Neil Gaiman and Kat Howard, among others, plus a thriving arts culture in and around the Twin Cities metro area. Food for thought.

  • Brandon, allow me the pleasure of buying an extra extra book for the friends Ms. Tennessee has turned off! And to think! not I but my people hail from that long and narrow (or short and wide) state, I’m from the one with the thin air, a big square that finally turned blue in 2008! I’m ashamed (of Tennessee). Truly.

  • Hey,

    Im going to buy This Dark Earth based on the reviews…but had to weigh in on these comments…you sound like a good guy…I am a very moderate former liberal who has lived in Manhattan his whole life…I voted for Clinton both times as well as Gor and Kerry…But I think you have to live here in the People’s Republic to really FEEL that what you say about Democrats just isn’t true. Ive spent mucho tiempo down in the Florida panhandle and Bama…and I can tell you from experience I’ve heard just as many racist comments on the Upper West Side by people with graduate degrees as i have from rednecks in Pcola. Bottom line, I felt Mitt had a much better resume to get us out of this mess, not to mention Benghazi and the so so sad appeasing, bending over backwards to Islam. But i am gulty of verbal diarhea here..I will leave a comment after digesting Dark Earth. Peace.

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