Foreign Devils

The world is on the brink of war.

Fisk and Shoe – mercenaries, very much not wanting to get caught in the middle of a political whirlwind – must deliver a very important message, and find a very dangerous man. They have caught the eye of the powerful men of the world, and now the stakes are higher than they like.

And the Emperor has decreed that Livia Cornelius, pregnant with Fisk’s child, must travel to the far lands of the Autumn Lords on a diplomatic mission. It will mean crossing half the world, and facing new dangers. And in the end, she will uncover the shocking truth at the heart of the Autumn Lords’ Empire.

A truth which will make the petty politics of war and peace unimportant, and will change the world.

Available October, 2015 – UK


Praise for The Incorruptibles

“One part ancient Rome, two parts wild west, one part Faust. A pinch of Tolkien, of Lovecraft, of Dante. This is strange alchemy, a recipe I’ve never seen before. I wish more books were as fresh and brave as this.” – Pat Rothfuss, best-selling author of The Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear

“An exceptionally well written book that shows an alternative world with numerous echoes of our own, set in a loose ‘wild west’ parallel with with an eclectic mix of cultural references. Jacobs’ prose is lean and to the point but touches on poetry in places even so. His characters are expertly drawn and interesting, and his plot compelling. It’s a strong tale, well told, and sat very well with me.” – Mark Lawrence, Gemmell Award winning author of Prince of ThornsKing of Thorns, and Emperor of Thorns

The Incorruptibles gives us the very thing we read fantasy for: something new. The Incorruptibles joins Red Country in what I hope will become a new sub-genre, the fantasy western. Westerns are American stories, and Jacobs’ Arkansas roots show in his gritty, hard-bitten tone. The Incorruptibles shakes like a rattlesnake, sings like a bullet, whispers like a tumbleweed dancing over hardscrabble. Fantasy needs writers who push the envelope, and Jacobs finds the edge and tears right through it. If you want original, you’ve picked up the right book.” – Myke Cole, author of Control Point, Fortress Frontier, and Breach Zone

“Bloody marvellous.” – Stephen Deas, author of the Memory of Flames and Theif-Taker’s Apprentice series

“In short, read The Incorruptibles. Just do it. Once Hornor Jacobs lets the plot have its head, the book is a joy to behold” – Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

“A quick, interesting and original fantasy novel. Definitely recommend, I am eager to read more by this author, and certainly more in this world” – Civilian Reader

“I really liked The Incorruptibles – it’s fast paced, action packed and has its own unique feel to it with its unusual mix of Westerns, daemons and Ancient Rome.” – Fantasy Book Review

“It’s here that The Incorruptibles gets good. Great, I’d go so far as to say. Now that the stakes have been made plain, our heroes’ real responsibilities revealed, and the overarching conflict at least alluded to, Jacobs’ novel properly kicks off. What follows is grim and gripping, surprising and exciting, tense and tremendously well-told, too.” – Niall Alexcander


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