Infernal Machines is Nominated for a Gemmell Award

Infernal Machines, the last book in The Incorruptibles series, is up for a Gemmell Award. Because the Gemmell’s are a voting thing, it’s the longlist that’s really the honor, at least for writers like me. I do not have a readership to compare with the likes of Nora Jemisin, Peter Brett, Terry Brooks, Mark Lawrence, Stephen Donaldson. Or really any of the authors on the list.

I am disappointed that the Gemmell Award organizers didn’t have the cover art of the various books nominated for the Ravenheart Award on the voting page (rather than a separate page), because if they had, I think it would be obvious that the cover for Infernal Machines is the fucking best. I would never make that claim of my prose, but of the cover, rest assured, Patrick Knowles deserves the award.

Anyway, go vote for your favorite author but make sure you vote for Patrick.

That is all.



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