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Interview Round-Up

Yesterday, I appeared on AUTHOR Magazine in an audio interview with Brian Mercer. In the interview, I talk about writing, what does and doesn’t work for me as a writer, how I landed my agent, Stacia Decker, my process, my philosophy, and a lot of other writerly stuff. It’s hard for me to listen to, because I stammer, some. And everyone keeps saying I have an accent? I don’t have an accent.

You can check that out HERE.

Also, yesterday I appeared on The Ginger Nuts of Horror blog run by the inimitable Jim Mcleod. He asked really interesting and penetrating questions even though he’s just a disembodied pair of fuzzy red testicles that looks like this:

You can check out that interview, right HERE.

Also, this week, I did an interview with Kristin at My Bookish Ways. It was such a pleasure talking with Kristin, I can’t praise her highly enough.

You can read that interview HERE. She was also kind enough to do a wonderful review of SOUTHERN GODS to which she gave 5/5 hats. She said:

There is also another huge component to this story: hope. It shines in Sarah and Bull, especially in Sarah’s love for her daughter, and their humanity and strength elevates this novel far above the usual horror fare.

Thank you, Kristin Centorcelli, for understanding and seeing what so many other reviewers miss. They focus on the blues, or the gore, or the Lovecraftian aspects, but YOU saw the hope at the end. SOUTHERN GODS is, at its heart (no pun intended), a story of one man’s redemption. My thanks.

You can read that review right HERE.

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