Journal, June 19th

Today is Juneteenth, as important a day in American history as any and deserving of more attention. A few years ago, when I worked as the senior motion designer at Soul of the South, an African American television station. This whole last week, I’d have been creating promos for Juneteenth. I did love that job, for a variety of reasons. First, the people were great and my boss, a brilliant guy named Maurice James, was a pleasure to work with. Maurice has gone on to work at NBC Universal, and his success is well deserved.  Second, it was all animation which is my favorite task at any job. Third, at Soul of the South (which self-destructed through mismanagement – lawsuits still pending) my experience there was interesting. To have the race table turned – I was the sole white person on a team of people of color – I found the reversal opened up some of my insecurities. At first I was nervous, standoffish. But the team welcomed me and made me feel one of the group. I daresay they were far more welcoming and solicitous of my inclusion than most white offices would be to a new POC hire. It’s an experience every white person should have and so few ever do.

On Father’s Day I went to Barnes & Noble with the kids. Forgot to mention it in my last post, going to Barnes & Noble always makes me a little depressed. They never have my books in, and I’ll walk around seeing all these friends lining the shelves and I’m nowhere to be found. Like, I’ve published nine novels, but my local BN can’t be bothered. My daughter said that it might be they’re always selling out of them, smiling at me. Oh, sweet summer child.

In addition to all the other stuff I’ve given up (mostly) – alcohol, carbs, sugars – I also quit drinking diet sodas because apparently they do something to your glycemic levels and they ain’t good for you. So I’ve been drinking buttloads of iced tea. I have a few observations about it. First, home brewed iced tea is never as good as store bought. Second, as they say, often the juice ain’t worth the squeeze: it takes over an hour to brew a 2 quart pitcher of ice tea – heating the water, steeping the bags, allowing the tea to cool enough to place into a pitcher – and I can drink 2 quarts in an hour alone. I’ll come home wanting a nice glass of iced tea and suddenly I have all this work to do. Better to just buy gallons of it.

I stopped myself from inviting people on Facebook to comment on a status if they voted for Trump. I had intended on then insulting and unfriending them – no rational dialogue – but I stopped myself. There’s no rational dialogue with them anyway – despite copious evidence, they can’t admit to themselves that Hillary was the better choice and they contributed to America shitting the bed. In other news, I’m having fantasies of running into Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity on the street of New York, without their security details, and beating the fuck out of them.

Wife and youngest leave tomorrow for Texas – wife is dropping off Helen so she can take a direct flight to Montana, where she’ll be living with two German women for five weeks, speaking only German. She’s worried about America, and we’re worried about America, and she’s making preparations to go to University in or around Freiburg. She’s only fifteen.

In other news, I’d say that there’s a 67% chance that I could be sending my kid to live with two German witches who’ll either eat her (bad) or take her under their wing and teach her magic (good).



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