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Journal June 21

Turns out I’m fixated on comfortable pants. In years past I’ve searched for the perfect jeans with mobility and ruggedness and found them in the Volcom brand. But I was served an ad almost a year ago for DRESS PANTS SWEAT PANTS and it turned out they were advertising them but not selling them yet. I kept getting the ads (because I searched for them) and about seven months ago I pre-ordered a pair. They arrived yesterday.

I’m the proud owner of Betabrand Dress Pants Sweatpants and I can see how these guys will change my life. If I could wheel kick someone to the face, I could wheel kick someone to the face in these pants. I’ll have to settle for wheel kicking people in the dick, but that’s not the pant’s fault.

Wearing them right now and boy howdy, I look fancy and I’m comfy at the SAME TIME!

Um, I did not realize how uncomfortable I would be on day 2 of this tattoo.

I posted photos to Instagram and FB and everyone was complimentary about the tattoo with the exception of my aunt who commented “Yuk.” She has never had a job.

I’m sure I’ll receive the same sort of commentary from my dad.

Down over 40 pounds now doing ketogenic diet, exercise, and counting calories in and out. I don’t drink anymore (except out of state, Twitter thread on that here), I don’t drink diet sodas, I don’t have any sugars. Whatever carbs I get are micro amounts. I take turmeric and milk thistle and fish oil every morning. I feel really amazing. It’s bizarre not waking up hungover on the weekends. About twelve years ago, I had to do a sleep study and the doctor told me I had sleep apnea (I always knew I snored) and it could damage my heart. Been using a CPAP machine ever since. Fell asleep last night without my CPAP and actually got restful sleep without snoring. I can always tell when I snore because the back of my throat is sore from the vibrations.

I’m becoming a healthy-ish person!


I want to live long enough to watch Trump’s funeral.

That is all for today.

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