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Journal June 25

I was pretty worthless this weekend. Ate a bunch, though kept it keto. Watched a bunch of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, hit level fifteen playing The Witcher III.

The Witcher is a great video game, beautiful to look at, set in a massive world. I’m trying to take it slow, enjoy the ride (literally, on Roach) and soak up the atmosphere. It always trips me out in modern video games when there are sex scenes within the storyline. In addition to it them looking like animated sex-dolls frolicking in the uncanny valley, the game writer’s ideas on the mechanics of wooing, courtship, seduction are equally bizarre. When playing as Geralt, in some instances, his seduction technique consists of constant flattery, in others it’s doing endless errands (insert marriage joke here). But then, when you’re playing Ciri, it’s just saying, “I fancy you” and then there’s kissing and stuff. Seemingly different standards for the characters. I feel like it would be educational for most men (and especially young men) if there’s a seduction component to a game, there’s heavy input from both women and gay people (if that’s an option) so that maybe the game doesn’t reinforce detrimental stereotypes. Also, if I can remember far enough back to my single days, there was always a bit of absurdity in hook-ups – either from drunkeness, or opportunity, or the magic of environment meeting… something. Granted, it’s been over twenty years since I’ve been single, so, I possibly don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

Oh, you do the deed with Yennifer on the back of a stuffed unicorn. So I guess there’s some absurdity, after all.

At another lull in the writing project. Trying to figure out the best way to wrap it up quickly while not rushing it. It’s supposed to be a novella, and I’m at 32,000 words, giving me only eight thousand words to play with before I blow through the novella terminus and enter short novel territory. I don’t think my publisher will worry about it being a short novel, honestly, and so I’ll blow through that limit if the story suits it. It more than likely will.

I know the ending, but only in the broadest strokes. I’m happy I have a couple of conventions coming up – the long drives always give me amble brooding time and I’ve found they always help wrap a novel.

I’m only attending two conventions this summer, HyperiCon in Nashville, and ArmadilloCon in Austin.  I don’t understand why the folks at HyperiCon haven’t gotten their shit together, but I’m not listed on either the website nor their social media feeds. Their website is in utter disarray. But, I’m still attending. Feeling the need to be amongst the energy of convention goers. And, the hotel looks like it has a nice pool. A weekend of hotel life will not go amiss for this overworked fellow.

I went to see the new Jurassic Park movie. Big disappointment that even my love of sexy Andy Dwyer could not save. Do not bother wasting your time on that garbage.

This administration is driving me batty. Fuck Trump, fuck Pence, fuck Gorsuch, fuck Sarah Buttermilk Sanders, and fuck every person who voted for them, defended them, or has ever said Trump is better than the alternative – Hillary Clinton.

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