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Kindle Fire Winner

The winner is Michelle Rohlman! Congratulations, Michelle. I, personally, am very happy you won because I don’t have to ship this little sucker anywhere, I can just drive it over to your place of employment and hand it to you.

I’ve included a video of the drawing to show how it was done.

Many thanks to everyone who entered!


5 replies on “Kindle Fire Winner”

Bryanna, eventually, I do plan to return to the story of the Bridge City survivors, especially Gus and Ellie (who is just a baby now). However, I don’t have a contract to write it and no interested publisher at the moment and a full slate of other novels I have to deliver. I’m considering writing, and placing for free online, a serial continuing their story, but I’d need to Kickstart that project, I think.

So right now it’s in limbo but eventually, I will return.

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