Luminaria is up for a Darrell Award

My novelette Luminaria has been nominated for a Darrell Award. The Darrell Awards are literary awards given to science fiction, fantasy, and horror works that take place in and around Memphis and its outlying regions. And that includes eastern Arkansas, where my family hails from. Helena, to be exact. To this day if you go to the ruins of Helena (that isn’t really an over-exaggeration) you’ll see the Hornor name on certain edifices around town.

Anywho, I wrote a long story with vampires and Jason Sizemore at Apex Magazine was kind enough to buy and publish it and Jeffrey Alan Love was kind enough to work with me for a cover. And then the Darrell Awards committee was kind enough to find it has enough merit to be nominated. So, lots of kindness.

I go next weekend to MidSouthCon where I’ll see if the story wins. I’ve been honored in the past by the Darrell Awards jury – Southern Gods received the award for it in 2011 since large tracts of that novel take place in steamy, humid Memphis – and having a brace of Darrell Awards on my wall might look quite fine. But to whoever wins, I will make sure I have fun at the event.

That is all.

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