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I love seeing where other authors write. The age of laptops is here and I often see on social media where my writer friends update their status from Starbucks or their local coffee shop or bookstore. But for me – because I have a fairly demanding dayjob and two children that require quite a bit of attention (rightfully so), most of my writing is done at home, in my office. But still, photo essays like the WHERE I WRITE project always makes me happy. It’s a neat glimpse into the inner workings of working authors and editors.

Recently, we’ve been cracking down on Rojo’s homework – she hasn’t been doing the work she should be doing at school – and each night when I get home from the office (what my agent calls the Office office), it’s down into my home office to work on math, reading, and spelling. Guitar lessons, afterwards, if all works out well with the other homework.

The office was getting kinda junky, so I spent 8 hours this weekend cleaning it, rearranging stuff, making sure it was functional as a writer’s den, a homework center, and music conservatory. I was so pleased with the way it turned out, I took some pictures to share.

Here’s my space.

This is my writing nook. An old closet we put a cheap breakfast table in. Now that I’m all laptop and portable, it’s the perfect little writer’s space.

Looking from my writer’s nook, there’s north east corner of the office, where I have some semi-functional (but very stylish) book cases.

Devils and details.

BB King isn’t my favorite bluesman, honestly, but my sister gave me that very nice print.

Another bookcase. My friend Erik Smetana sent me the Firecracker Press bag (full of print samples). And elephants are my totem animal. I freakin’ love me some elephants. Bwhwaaaaaaa!

I don’t listen to Wolves in the Throne Room – they’re a little heavier than my tastes run – but my friend Paul Dellostritto designed that poster, and I’m kinda partial to it. Plus my typewriter and D&D dice.

Yes, the tops of my book cases could use a good dusting.

Bullets, flashlight, a fifty year old fan, and a stack of Arkansas Addy awards I won back when I had my own interactive company. Good times. There are a couple of pistols hidden there, too.

Mr. Treadmill and Mr. Xbox (classic). Halo 2 currently loaded. It’s kinda bizarre treading the mill while simultaneously shooting aliens and running around. I tend to wander off path and make the treadmill squeal in protest.

That’s about it. Feel free to tell me how my feng shui’s all borked. Or not.



  • I love your writing space. I need something like that, but for now I write whenever and wherever I can find a quiet place and a few moments. I have two little boys that love nothing more than to bang on the keyboard at the very moment I’m about to write life changing words 🙂

  • Hell yeah. Merle Haggard poster, books, bullets, BB King, and hidden pistols, that is my kind of writing room.

    Color me jealous!

  • Just a note. I am on page 182 of Southern Gods and,got to admit,I love this thing. I am a big Lovecraft fan and I do think he would approve. Are you going to do more?

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