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Shirley Jackson Award Nomination

I have – or rather, my novella The Sea Dreams It Is The Sky has been – nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award. Here’s the line-up and let me tell you, it’s stiff competition.


  • Judderman, DA Northwood (Gary Budden) (Dead Ink Books/Cinder House Publishing)
  • The Atrocities, Jeremy C. Shipp (
  • The Only Harmless Great Thing, Brooke Bolander (
  • The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky, John Hornor Jacobs (HarperCollins Publishers)
  • The Taiga Syndrome, Cristina Rivera Garza (Dorothy, a Publishing Project)

Had I any confidence it would win, I’d make a trip to ReaderCon in hopes of accepting the award. But I don’t. Have much confidence I’ll win, that is. And not having much confidence there means I’ll save that time and money and pour it into the release for A Lush and Seething Hell.

I have, traditionally, gotten few nominations for awards and never won them (other than a single regional one and that win allows me to put “award-winning” in my bio, I guess along with the suitcases full of Addy and Webby and National Design Awards I’ve won over the years). Something about my work is… I don’t know… off. It’s never a pitch down the middle. It’s a mash-up of ideas that’s hard to define. It’s not straight fantasy or straight horror. It’s too edgy for young adult audiences. This fence straddling… is what draws me to projects. I think of it as my strength, rather than weakness, but it doesn’t help in winning awards. Or finding an audience.

Whatever the case, as ye olde chestnut goes, it’s an honor to simply be nominated and included among such fine writers.


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