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Patchwork Things in Cemetery Dance

The new issue of Cemetery Dance is out and it contains my story “Patchwork Things,” a weird southern bildungsroman. The art is by Chad Savage and it looks freaking amazing. I’m hoping it gets in many hands. The best part of being a writer is seeing an audience’s reaction. At least when the reaction is good.

Anyway, you can buy the issue here by clicking right HERE.

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Story Sales and Publications

By now, the new Playboy has hit stands. It contains, in addition to a bunch of beautiful nude women, my story, “The Domestic Lives of Superheroes.” It turns out that this March / April issue is the first in a year and a half to show nudity. You can learn more about that decision by Playboy’s heir apparent, Cooper Hefner, here .

My novelette Luminaria will be published in the next issue of Apex Magazine. I’ve known Jason Sizemore since I first started attending conventions when I was trying to sell Southern Gods – I met him at a convention in Nashville called Hypericon. I was just a lowly attendee like most everyone else, looking on in envy at the people on panels. Little did I know how deathly dull being on panels could actually be.

Anyway, this is the first story I’ve placed with Jason at his magazine and he’s been a pleasure to work with, as always.

The artwork for the story is by Jeffrey Alan Love, whose style is just amazing. As a designer, his aesthetic appeals to me more than most of the artists working today – but, again, I am a graphic designer by trade (here’s the ad agency where I’m a partner). I first became aware of his work by way of Notes from the Shadowed City. The art is heart-stopping – it’s elegantly simple and evocative. It works on almost an archetypal level, like images half remembered from a lost childhood. But I’d like to add that Love’s prose / verse accompanying each painting packs so much emotion, story, imagery, and history in to so very few lines it kind of makes me sick, he’s so good. You really should go buy it. Right now. Here.

Here’s image for Luminaria, and it’s just flawless.

Later this year, my story “Patchwork Things”, will be published in Cemetery Dance, another first for me. Will provide more info on that when I have it.

So, for those of you keeping score, I wrote five pieces of short fiction last year and all of them have seen publication. I don’t write a lot of short works, so I am okay with this win / loss ratio.

In addition to these three, my novelette Single, Singularity appeared in Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling; my story “The Children of Yig” – a vikings versus eldritch gods romp – appeared in Swords vs. Cthulhu.

That is all. Holler at yer boy.