The Conformity – Cover

At this point, The Conformity has been edited, typeset. ARCs are going out (I assume) and in November galleys will be available on NetGalley. It’s a weird place to be because it brings to a close the work – other than promotions – of the story of Shreve and Jack and the Society of Extra-Naturals. I am extremely proud of the work that I put into this series and narrative. With Andrew Karre’s guidance, and the support of all the folks at Lerner Books and Carolrhoda Lab, I hope that in the coming years Jack and Shreve’s story will find those people, those teens, that need it. Shreve’s voice is different, and his struggle a painful one, and I think, as the story progressed, the arc became unlike anything that’s currently published for teens – part adventure story, part bildungsroman, part meditation on the human spirit. But what do I know?

Again Laura Rinne has done an incredible job designing the cover. Here it is in all its majesty.




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