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The Incorruptibles Cover

We announced this book deal a while back, my first fantasy series sold in a three book deal to Gollancz in the UK. But now, I can finally show you what the damned thing will look like. So excited about this my butt – or arse as they say in the UK – is tingling.

Covers are tricksy business. My last three books have skulls on the cover. And I lurve them. They’re dark books and the spectre of death is always waiting just off-stage to join the scene. Can’t say The Incorruptibles is any different in that regard.

Except for the cover.

Marcus Gipps and the fine folks at Gollancz got Edward Bettinson to create the cover for The Incorruptibles. Oh boy, and is it gorgeous. You should go over to his website to check out his other work. Midwinter Blood is especially striking.

From what I understand, the yellow/gold parts will be gold foil – a printing technique you can’t really convey over the web – but it does mean shiny. Do not doubt my commitment to Sparkle Motion. A nice additional use for it: place The Incorruptibles inside a hollowed out log and raccoons will get their paws stuck in there, reaching for it. Then you can club ’em to death and cook ’em up good. Real good. I’ll give you my pop’s recipe.

How much do I love this cover? Let me count the ways – I love the Tolkien-esque mountains. I love the faux-woodcut style. I love the star. I love the font. I love the colors, i.e. limited palette. I love the Cornelian steaming up the Big Rill. I love the details, the grass, the reeds. I love the turkey buzzards on the wing. I love the outrider’s campfire. I love the spray of stars in the vault of sky. I love the moon’s spreading glow behind the peak.


Oh, right. Here it is. And when you’re done licking your screen, head on over here and see what the folks at Gollancz have to say about it.


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