The Twelve-Fingered Boy Book Trailer

When it came time to make a book trailer for my novel, The Twelve-Fingered Boy, both my publisher and I decided that I could do a better job than probably anyone they could hire. So I created this one myself.

The thing about book trailers is that most of them are terrible and far too long. I can’t tell you how many trailers are just words slowly scaling or panning  (if you’re lucky) over images pilfered from Wikipedia and set to either terribly moody goth music or techno.

My philosophy on book trailers is if you don’t have a budget to do something special, then keep it short and simple. This one clocks in at 60 seconds – the length of a standard television spot. My favorite parts are the birds – I used Particular in After Effects to create the flock – and flying the virtual camera over the “landscape” I’d set up in 3D space. I also like how I animated onto the screen my publisher’s logos, Lerner Books and Carolrhoda Lab at the end.

If you’d like, you could buy that bad twelve-fingered boy, if you wanted to.




Hiram Quincrux voiced by Dan O’Shea –
Jack Graves voiced by Matthew Gephardt
Jack Graves voice engineered by Drew Pickens
Animation by the author

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