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Three New Reviews for THIS DARK EARTH

It feels good getting good reviews, especially from your hometown newspaper.

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And this less effusive yet still positive one from Rue Morgue (I think that particular reviewer has had to read one too-many zombie novels).

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And finally, my good friend Dan O’Shea says nice things about This Dark Earth over at his blog. Check that out at Going Ballistic.

This Dark Earth is a staggeringly effective novel on all levels. A riveting story told at a blistering pace. An arresting new world deftly imagined and peopled with full and compelling characters. And a story that dares to reach beyond the bounds of its genre to explore the theme of what it really means to be human, to be a society.



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Just finished the book! Awesome!! Being an Arkansan makes the book even more realistic! I haven’t read a book all the way through since high school and I’m 25. Great job looking forward to a movie, it’s perfect for one!

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